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Technology Partners

Our partnership strategy aims to establish collaborations with new age and futuristic solution providers in the market. With the collaboration with leading Packaged solution providers, we deliver innovate applications more faster and agile using  our deep domain expertise  and best of breed experienced resources across various tech stacks.  We can leverage complementary strengths and ensure customer success. 



Microsoft invests heavily in cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, cloud computing, and data analytics. By partnering with Microsoft, Equative  leverage these technologies to develop innovative and forward-thinking solutions, delivering added value to our clients.

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It is a leading provider of customer engagement and digital process automation solutions. Their platform enables organizations to automate workflows, improve customer experiences, and drive operational efficiency. Partnering with Pega allows Equitive to leverage their expertise in these areas, providing comprehensive digital transformation solutions to our clients and enhancing their business processes.



It is a low-code development platform that enables organizations to rapidly build and deploy custom applications. By partnering with OutSystems, Equitive gains access to a powerful low-code solution, allowing us to accelerate application development, streamline processes, and deliver solutions more efficiently. This partnership aligns with Equitives' goal of providing innovative and agile IT solutions.

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Mendix is another leader in the space of LCAP and  is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for low-code development solutions, and its market potential remains strong as businesses continue to prioritize digital transformation and innovation in their operations. 

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OpenText is a leader in the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) space, offering a comprehensive platform that includes solutions for content management, business process management, customer experience management, information exchange, and discovery and analytics. As the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) market has undergone consolidation, OpenText has emerged as a dominant platform with minimal competition. In Singapore, there is a significant demand for content and records management solutions. Equative, with its directors' deep knowledge and experience in the ECM space, aims to capitalize on this market opportunity and provide valuable EIM solutions to meet the growing needs of businesses in the region.

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Startup Partnership Program 

Our startup partnership program is dedicated to identifying synergies with best-of-breed emerging innovative AI-based solutions and aligning these products with the broader, complex needs of the industry. We empower innovative startups to discover new revenue streams while enabling them to create products and solutions that address significant customer and global challenges.

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